Zero Net Energy Home

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8 months

This home is built to the modern Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Standard. Many people have heard the discussion about energy efficient homes, which has also become part of the current building code standards. The goal with zero net energy buildings is to minimize the heating and cooling need for a home by increasing the buildings R-value, air tightness, and minimizing thermal bridging. When a home is built properly to meet the ZNE standard, the heating and cooling loads are decreased by 70%! The remaining needs are met by a heating and cooling system which can be run on a PV array. This means your home utility cost can be ZERO, and it drastically reduces your carbon foot print. There is a upfront investment, but the payback is there, and you wont be paying costly utility bills. The air exchange is provided by a ERV, which heats or cools the new fresh incoming air with the already heated or cooled exhausting air. These are all proven systems that are here to stay. Please call or e-mail to learn more.

And yes, this house is currently for sale. It is 10 minutes from Northampton, 5 minutes to Deerfield. The new neighborhood has privacy, and is on a great biking corridor.