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Lets talk about green building.

Why would we blog?

There seems to be enough content online these days to make everyone’s head spin. We thought it would be helpful is to sort out some of the endless information on the web about our trades, to showcase clever building techniques, green building, products, design, and projects that are interesting and informative. Also, it seemed like a good place to share current Scapes news, as well as local events.

Keeping up with green building

One quickly evolving area of building that we are immersed in is “green building”. In the world of energy efficient and sustainable design, there are different building solutions; some are tried and true and some are on the cutting-edge. Building envelopes have changed to increase r-values and decrease infiltration, which in turn have changed heating, cooling, and air exchange systems. Materials and products are also evolving to help contribute to these techniques and sustainable design. The building codes are constantly being updated, and many local building authorities have adopted the energy stretch code to ensure energy efficient building techniques are being used because of the value it brings. Hopefully we can share some insight on what’s working well, and highlight interesting changes to this green building world.

So, let us know what you think, and we will do our best to keep this interesting and informative!