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“Summer Slammers” 2017

Scapes is currently at work on several short-term, large-scale projects at Smith College, Amherst College, and a local boarding school. These projects, known as “summer slammers,” are all full gut jobs, geared towards providing more dormitory space in buildings previously configured for other uses. A 2-3 month turnaround time for projects of this scope is uncommon, but this timeframe is entirely necessary at schools, where the work would be too disruptive during the academic year.

Amherst College

This project involves both interior work and some structural engineering to reenforce the pillars (and hence the roof) on one side of the building.

Smith College

Scapes workers are repurposing a building on the main quad, through extensive interior work.

Boarding School Project

This work involves turning an academic building into residential space, in order to fit the needs of a changing campus. The building is being stripped down to the studs for a complete reconfiguration, which will include a faculty apartment as well as dorm space for students.